Home Bedroom Furniture

New York house on the market for $1.2 million

A newly renovated house in New York City has gone on the auction block.According to the listing, the property is a former apartment building with an outdoor deck that once served as an art gallery.According the listing the house has been on the block since February.The listing reads: “This home was designed by award winning […]

What you need to know about the furniture warehouse

When the Trump administration announced it would privatize the nation’s furniture warehouse in May, its chief executive, Paul Bremmer, declared the decision to turn it into a private company was a “gift to America.”“I think it’s a great deal for the American taxpayer,” he said, “because it gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility.”The announcement […]

The best retro-inspired furniture in the world

TechRadars favourite furniture.Read more:The house, a home in the countryside in Scotland, is one of the most famous in Scotland and one of a number of buildings that have been built on the land of the Highland Clearances.It is also a place of cultural significance, having hosted the Royal Institution of Arts, a state-funded organisation […]

How to Build a House with a Kitchen for $3,000

With the American dream of owning a home on your back, you might want to consider getting a Kitchenette, the first kitchen you’ll ever own.There are a ton of options, from basic kitchenettes like the Kitchenette from The Home Depot to the more advanced, like the $1,500 Kitchenette that costs $3.99.But what if you don’t […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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