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When Your Life Isn’t Your Own: An Interview with Ashley Furniture, the New York Times’ best-selling furniture section

Ashley Furnishings is a little-known retail brand.It’s one of the few remaining furniture stores that’s not based in the United States.Its name comes from Ashley, a character in the Broadway musical “The Lion King.”In the show, King Koko (played by Timon Thompson) gets his tail chopped off and becomes the “King of the Hill” in […]

It was the first time the US made a sale

It was in the early 1980s that US furniture retailer Macy’s made a deal with a Taiwanese manufacturer, which eventually led to the company selling a range of US-made furniture and appliances, including some of the very first American furniture.The furniture is now used in thousands of homes in the US, including many of the […]

How did I get into this?

How did you get into a field you love?By the time you graduate, you’ll have earned a degree and you’ll probably be in your mid-30s.You’re now ready to pursue a career in your field, and you’ve been doing it for years.It might seem like the perfect career move, but it’s actually a daunting prospect for […]

Coaster ride is back at Stanley’s – but this time for a better price

A coasters return has been announced for Sydney’s CBD.The former Stanley’s Cafe is taking its place at Stanleys popular roller coaster, the Stanleys Giant Wheel.The coaster will reopen for a limited time and will cost $10.99, with a discount code being offered to customers who have a valid code for Stanleys.It is part of the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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