WaPo’s Kate Bynum on her best advice for her family: ‘Don’t eat the vegetables’

The WaPo is hosting a family foodie celebration, and Kate Bylonsky is leading the way with a few tasty tips.

Bylonskys best advice: “Don’t let the vegetables get all the love, just have a couple of bowls and a couple bowls of rice, or just some salad and some beans and some veggies and a little salad, and a spoonful of yogurt or some fruit, and then a little spoonful with some bread, and some butter.”

Forget it, Bylonks family loves her vegetables.

“I’ve been to many a farmers market, I’ve been at a lot of farmers markets, I can tell you that my family loves vegetables, and they’re not really just vegetables, they’re pretty much like the rest of us, really simple ingredients,” she says.

Bylonkys family also loves the fruit.

“We’re going to have strawberries, we’re going