The Big House in Bienville is getting a new home

The Big Houses are the ultimate in luxury, but they’re not cheap.

And the Bienvilles’ new $1.4 billion mansion on a hilltop in the hills of the French Riviera has been the subject of an all-too-common bidding war.

The house, known as the Big House, is part of the larger, $6 billion Bienvilles Gardens estate.

But when Bienvils, France’s second-largest city, bought the mansion last year for $1,099 per square foot, it quickly raised prices by more than half.

It was supposed to be finished in 2019, but the deal was scuttled by the government, which ordered the sale in May 2018.

A few months later, in August 2018, the city began to put in plans for the project.

“It’s a nice house, but it’s not cheap,” said Bienvenu owner Jean-Pierre Bienvasseur.

The project was put on hold for months, and it was only when Biensseur saw that it was possible to get the property back on the market that he decided to put the finishing touches on it.

Bienva’s house, a gift from his wife and son, is on a small hillside in the French countryside near the town of Bienvières.

It’s about a mile and a half from the city center and about an hour and a quarter from the seaside.

But with a price tag of more than $1 million per square feet, the house has attracted much attention.

Baudin, the French architect, said the Brienvilles decided to take a risk when it bought the property because they thought that people would not be able to afford the $1 billion price tag.

“We didn’t think that they would not buy it,” he said.

Brienville is a town of roughly 5,500 people located in northern France, about 60 miles northwest of the city of Nice.

The town has long been a center for fashion and the arts.

In 1869, the town was founded by Jean-Louis Bienvin, the son of a nobleman who bought land there from the French nobility.

The village is home to a famous opera house, the Baudins, the former headquarters of the Parisian Opera House, and a large cemetery.

But the estate has been overshadowed by the Bins and the Bens, who built their own mansion on the hillside and turned it into a fashionable resort.

In the past, Bienvishes and the rest of the townspeople have complained that they were forced to pay higher prices because of the Bin estate’s proximity to the city.

The estate’s value is estimated at about $1 trillion.

Bens also owned the town’s largest estate, the Chateau d’Avignon, which is believed to have cost at least $100 million to build and house.

The Bens’ estate has since been sold to a wealthy businessman who plans to use the proceeds to refurbish the house.

“I don’t want to live in this house anymore,” Bienvier said, speaking of his former home.

“So I’m buying it back.

It will be beautiful.”

The estate has a lot of history, with many historical markers.

But it also has a very particular story.

“In the old days, the old townspeakers would go to the Bianvilles and ask for a plot,” said Renaud Leconte, who lives in Bens.

“They would go, ‘This is our village, we’ve lived here for centuries, we want to come and see it.

And if we want, we can have a house for our grandchildren.'”

He said he doesn’t see the Biennevilles making the same move again.

“The Bienves have the right to use this property.

I think they should use it.

But if they want to, they can use it, they have the land, they don’t have to pay a lot, and they’ll be able sell it.”

The Bienvergs plan to build a hotel and a spa.

They have said that they’ll have a grand garden and a museum.

“There are a lot more people here,” Lecontele said.

“This is their village.”