Jordan’s furniture and furniture repair company: ‘It’s a great place to come back to’

A former roommate of a Chicago Bears quarterback says the former NFL quarterback’s former home in suburban St. Louis, Missouri, is a nice place to go to for a quick visit with his family.

Jordan Schofield, who lived at the home between 2004 and 2009, told the St. Charles Times that the former Bears quarterback, now an analyst for ESPN’s “College GameDay,” has made the place a home for several years.

Schofield said the former quarterback and his family have been to the house “a couple of times” over the past year.

He said the furniture is in excellent condition, and that the family has been to Jordan’s favorite places, such as the park and the backyard.

The former quarterback, who is currently playing for the University of Alabama, said he and his wife have taken in a lot of visitors to the home, and the house has a great view of the St Louis River.

He noted that there is plenty of outdoor space in the home.

SchOFIELD also said the house is located about a half hour from downtown St. Joseph, which is a major transit stop for the St, Louis area.

He added that there are a lot more people coming to the property these days.

He also said that there have been many visitors to Jordan Schofolds property over the years.