Coaster ride is back at Stanley’s – but this time for a better price

A coasters return has been announced for Sydney’s CBD.

The former Stanley’s Cafe is taking its place at Stanleys popular roller coaster, the Stanleys Giant Wheel.

The coaster will reopen for a limited time and will cost $10.99, with a discount code being offered to customers who have a valid code for Stanleys.

It is part of the chain’s push into the popular theme park space.

A spokesperson for the roller coaster operator told The Advertiser that the new coasters would offer guests a choice of three rides each day.

It said that a limited number of Stanleys seats will be available for purchase.

There is a one-off price of $10 for a full-size seat, and a discount of $1 off a seat on the Giant Wheel, and $3 off a single-seater seat.

A new coaster will open at Stan’s Giant Wheel on March 14.

The new ride will be operated by the New York-based company, which will be based at the Stanley location.

It has previously run rides at the park in New York and Tokyo.

Stanley’s Giant Wheels website said it was “honoured to have the opportunity to reopen Stanleys landmark roller coaster at the Giant wheel.”

“Our vision is to create an experience that brings the excitement and spectacle of roller coasters to the people of Sydney,” the website said.

“Stanley is known for its exceptional attractions, including the iconic Giant Wheel which has hosted some of the world’s greatest riders, and the new Stanleys attraction.”

We look forward to welcoming the Stanys Giant Wheel back to the community and will be sure to show you how to get to Stanleys favourite roller coaster.

“This is a huge step forward in the theme park development process, and we are pleased to be a part of it.”

The Stanleys is located on Sydney’s North Shore, near Kings Cross, near Mount Gambier and near Southport.