$5 million for the home of a New York woman who was allegedly assaulted by a former co-worker

The New York City police department is investigating a complaint that a woman reported being assaulted at a home in the boroughs Bronx and Staten Island, according to police and city officials.

The woman said she was awakened by an unknown assailant who then left the house, according the police statement.

It was not clear whether the assault was recorded or video-recorded.

The New Yorker, a popular weekly, has not published an article about the case.

The city has not yet announced the victim’s name.

The victim told The Wall St. Journal in March that she had been working with the company of the woman and another co-founder for about two years and that she left the company because the alleged assault happened in April.

She did not know the woman’s name and was not identified by name, according.

She told the paper she had received the same amount of money from the company for the alleged attack as she had for previous ones, but she declined to provide specifics.

She said she did not file a police report.

The company did not respond to requests for comment.