How to make a ‘shopping list’ for a baby’s Halloween party

A ‘shooting gallery’ is a great place to start when planning your next Halloween party.

Here are some suggestions to make your party more fun and interactive.


Set up a table with food, drinks and snacks.

A table is one of the best places to put on your Halloween party, as it allows guests to share a meal and share ideas with each other.

You can also use a table as a gathering place.

A large table is best, as the more food and drinks you have in the room, the more you can share.


Make a list of the people who will be at your party.

This will make it easier to identify the people you’ll need to talk to about the festivities.

Make this list in a clear, organized way, so guests can follow along.


Keep the party going with music, dance, food, and more.

Set aside time to relax and enjoy the festivities together.

This is a time for friends and family to be together.


Decorate your table with a variety of decorations.

A party can be a lot of fun, but it can also feel boring if the decorations are all the same.

Create your own personalized party plans.

For example, if you’re going to a party where you only have two tables, make a list for the people with whom you’ll have dinner and dessert.


Have fun.

It’s important to keep your guests entertained during the Halloween party so they feel like they’re part of a fun family.

Guests should have fun too, whether it’s playing games, eating, and having a good time with each others’ company.


Make sure the guests know what’s happening at your event.

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests what they’re planning to wear, share some of your special Halloween costume ideas, or even make them dress up as your favorite character.


Have your guests wear their costumes to the event.

Be sure to make sure that your guests are prepared and that their costumes are appropriately themed.

For Halloween parties, you can even have your guests make their costumes out of fabric, plastic, and other materials. 8. Don