How to fix a broken window

A window that was damaged by a falling snowfall will be replaced with a window that has a bit more life in it, says the manufacturer.

The windows of the Collins Hotel in Edinburgh will be given a coat of varnish to look a bit better after the weather turned from the warm to the cold in February.

It is the latest in a series of upgrades to the hotel which has been one of the most visited in the country.

“We’ve been looking at various upgrades for a number of years,” said Colin Mullan, the hotel’s director of customer relations.

“As we get closer to Christmas we’re starting to see people coming back for Christmas dinner and other family events.”

So it’s a good opportunity to improve the guest experience and make sure the hotel is able to offer our guests the best possible experience.

“The hotel has had a number the windows that have been damaged by falling snow, which has caused them to crack and break.”

It’s a very common thing in Scotland and a lot of times we see it happen to the windows on other properties,” he said.”

The most common problem is that they fall on a window and the frost has set in and they get knocked off their hinges.

“Mullan said the hotel would offer a complimentary replacement window if customers would like to make a claim.”

If you want to make sure we get a replacement window we’ll give you one free,” he added.”

However, it’s not free for us to give you the original window.

“You can see it on the website and it’s really nice and we would really appreciate if you’d let us know if you do.”

Mr Mullan said while the hotel had a good reputation in Scotland, it had struggled to attract visitors since it opened in 2000.

“I don’t think it’s as popular as it once was, but people still come here,” he explained.

“But we’ve had a lot more guests come than we did when we opened.”

There’s definitely been a drop in business in the last couple of years.

“And it’s been a lot harder for us with our business model to get people to come to the restaurant because we’ve struggled to get customers to come.”

Mr Tully said he believed the hotel was making the right decision to upgrade the hotel and offered a complimentary window to those who wished to make an enquiry.

“They’ll have to pay for it and we’ll refund the cost of the window,” he stressed.

“Then we’ll put it in the gift shop for them to get as a souvenir.”