How to decorate your home with Christmas lights

It’s the holidays and you want to celebrate with some of your loved ones, but Christmas is not the time to light up your home.

You may think that you’re celebrating your own birthday or getting married, but this doesn’t give you much room to decoratively decorate, according to the decorating guidelines published by the American Institute of Architects.

“The best Christmas decorations are a reflection of who you are and what you love,” according to The Architectural Journal.

“Christmas decorations must reflect the character of the holiday season.”

It’s a common mistake to make, said Barbara Klausser, an architect and author of The Design of Christmas: How to Create a Beautiful Christmas Tree.

“It’s like you’re trying to say to your spouse, ‘Look, I love you, but you can’t light up my house,'” she said.

It’s also a waste of time.

The American Institute says Christmas lights are “most often placed outside the home and rarely within.”

“When people are celebrating Christmas, they want to create a festive atmosphere that is light and airy,” Klaust said.

“And Christmas is just a wonderful time for that.

It gives us a chance to look at the world around us, celebrate the holiday, and to have a great time.”

The decorating standards were released by the AIA after a review of the National Association of Home Builders’ Christmas Light Display Guidelines.

The guidelines outline rules for decorating the home for all ages and types of celebrations, including childrens parties, birthday parties, weddings, Christmas dinners and barbecues.

The standards also say: Avoid over-sized Christmas lights.

The lights should be small and simple, and ideally should be kept in a closet or in a corner, with a window that can be closed.

“There are lots of Christmas decorations out there that are very large, that look too big or too bright, or have too much light,” Klahuser said.

But if you want the lights to look good, you should try to keep them under the Christmas tree, she said, rather than putting them outside in the open.

It is also important to avoid using large Christmas lights on the windowsills.

“If you’re going to place a big Christmas light in the living room, the window needs to be clear so that it’s bright and there’s not too much of a shadow,” KLAUSSER said.

Instead, use smaller lights that are not too large or bright.

Keep them off the windowsill, and only put them on if the windows are large enough.

If you use the Christmas light outside, be sure it’s a small one and doesn’t take up too much space.

“You can put one light on top of another, but that makes it look like two lights,” K LAUSSER advised.

If it’s too bright or too small, it could look like a Christmas tree.

“This is a perfect example of a holiday light that looks too much like a big tree,” KLEUSSER told ABC News.

“That’s a bad design.”

Be sure the Christmas lights aren’t too big, too small or that they’re not visible from the front of the home.

“Make sure that the lights are visible and in the same spot from both sides of the house, not only from the windows,” K Lausser said, “and make sure they’re close enough to the front doors and the windows to not obstruct them.”

Make sure the lights aren, too, to avoid a potential security issue.

The AIA says to keep lights out of the windows, and make sure the windows have clear access.

Keep the lights off the front porch and in front of any tree or other decoration.

“Keep the windows covered with some sort of material that can prevent light from getting in and out,” K Leusser advised.

“Also, make sure that if you’re planning to put a Christmas light on a tree, it’s clear so it doesn’t block the view,” KLausers said.

And keep the Christmas decorations small.

“Avoid having Christmas decorations that are too big,” K KLAUSER said, adding that if a decoration looks too big it can distract people.

“When you have a Christmas decoration that is too large, you can actually look through it to see if the lights you’re putting on are going to distract people,” Kleusser added.

Keep it festive.

“Instead of placing a huge Christmas tree in the front yard, make the front and back windows nice and large,” KKLAUSSERS said.

Keep a festive spirit.

“Be sure to put decorations on the front door, on the porch, in the kitchen, and in other places that make the room more inviting and inviting,” K LEUSSER urged.

“Do this by having your family, friends and neighbors come in and spend time with you and your family.”

KLAUSA said that decorations should reflect the holiday spirit, including: “the time and the day