How to decorate your backyard with furniture

How to turn your backyard into a furniture store.

Auckland’s backyard has been an attraction for visitors since the city was first established in the 17th century, with the original settlers turning out the kitchen tables and chairs that became the standard for everyday living.

Today the garden is the city’s primary gathering spot, attracting tourists from all over New Zealand and the world.

Here are some ideas to keep the backyard tidy.1.

Get a garden rake2.

Clean the lawn3.

Clean your windows4.

Clean out the garden5.

Remove dirt and mulch6.

Buy a new set of mower blades7.

Buy the garden rake8.

Clean up your backyard9.

Clean windows10.

Get rid of dirt and grass11.

Buy new garden tools12.

Get the backyard painted, and then put it up againAuckland residents love to spend their weekends on the backyard, but they often have to get creative with decorating the place.

Here’s some ideas for a backyard garden.1: Buy a large garden rake.

It’s a great tool for removing dirt and weeds.2: Get a new mower blade3: Get rid the grass and mulched plants in the garden4: Get your garden set up as a garden, and leave it alone for a while5: Buy your garden rake, then paint your yard with a vibrant colour to help attract visitors.6: Buy some fresh fruit, vegetables and fruit drinks7: Paint the backyard with vibrant colours, so you can attract more visitors8: Buy new mowers and garden tools9: Paint your backyard in a beautiful colour10: Clean out your yard11: Get the garden set back up, and give the yard a nice wash.12: Clean the garden and put up your garden patio13: Buy the gardener’s supplies14: Get all the gardening supplies you need15: Paint all the plants you need16: Start the garden again