Cheap furniture, cheap shopping: This list of places to buy cheap canoes and kayaks in BC

Here’s a look at a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning a trip to the North Shore or the Lower Mainland.


The cheapest camping spot in BC: The North Shore Campgrounds at the Port Moody Beach Resort in Port Moody are on the pricier end of the scale.

It costs $30 per night for the five nights a week.

But the campground has all the amenities you’d expect from a camping spot: showers, restrooms, fire pits, fire rings, picnic tables, barbecue, picnic chairs, firewood, campfire stove and even a fire ring.


The most expensive camping spot on the Lower North Shore: On the Lower West Side, the Camping in the Hills at the Great Northern is the most expensive of all the campgrounds.

The campground at the resort costs $60 per night per person.


The least expensive camping site in BC on the North Coast: The Lighthouse Island Inn in Port Colborne is the least expensive of the four campgrounds on the lower North Shore.

It’s a private resort that rents the same cabins and suites as the Great North Shore campsites.


The best campground in BC for families with kids: In the summer, the camp site at the South Coast Inn at the Lower South Shore has a playground, pool, playground tables, and a full bar and grill.

The resort also offers a full-service grill.


The easiest campground on the West Coast: If you have kids, you’ll want to go to the South Shore campground located at the North Beach Resort.

The beach is perfect for kids and is perfect if you want to camp without having to leave the house.


The oldest camping site on the Vancouver Island: The Campground at Stoney Point is the oldest of all Vancouver Island campgrounds and it’s also the best choice for families.

The site is only a couple of hours drive from the city of Vancouver and offers a picnic shelter, picnic table, fire ring, barbecue and BBQ tent.


The only other camping spot with a picnic table: At the Great South Shore, you can enjoy a picnic at the picnic tent.

The campsite is located on the south end of Stoney Island.


The closest campground to the beaches: The Lower North Coast Campground is located just a few minutes walk from the beaches at the Vancouver Beach Resort and the Lower Stoney Islands.


The longest day of the year for camping: In addition to the day campsites, the beach at the Stoney Beach Resort has a campground with a total of 30 overnight campsites (15 on the weekends and 20 on the rest of the summer).


The shortest day of summer: The Stoney Lake Campground has the shortest average day for camping on the South West Coast.

The average of the three days at the campsite was just five hours and 33 minutes.