Ashley is a new star in the sofa industry

Ashley was born in the same day as her father and brother.

The youngest child of two, she says she loves the sofa and has enjoyed sitting down and watching television with her dad.

“It’s like being a little kid and you can watch TV with your friends and you’re so bored,” she says.

“I think my dad is probably the happiest person I know, but it’s just a dream to be in the family and to have my own sofa.”

Ashley, who is now seven, is the latest addition to the sofa family.

She was born on March 20, 2010.

She was originally a regular customer of a range of different sofa brands but now she is in the habit of shopping for the best one.

“I was in a shopping queue when I was 10 and my dad went to buy a sofa,” she explains.

“When I was in school, my dad bought a sofa for me when I came back from school.

He was the one who bought it for me.”

It’s so important to me that my parents have the best quality sofa, so I always shop for the ones I want.

“Ashley has already made a name for herself as a designer of the brand.

When her father’s company, Eureka, went bust, she found herself looking for new ways to help her family survive.

She worked at home for a year before deciding to start her own company in which she has now become the owner.

In her new position, she is trying to help the brand survive in the future.

Ashleys favourite sofa is the Rochas.

The company is trying a different approach to marketing the brand, instead of just advertising it online.

Rochas has made a few new designs for the sofa, including a red sofa that is available to buy, as well as the black and white colour options.

The company has also been making new sofa versions of its own to help support its customers.

If you’re in the market for a sofa, you can order one online.