A beautiful family home in Scarborough

A lovely family home on Scarborough’s North Shore is being renovated to bring it back to the city’s heritage, but it will have to get rid of a few more pieces of the family’s furniture.

The home was originally built in 1884 by Sir George W. Robertson, a wealthy Canadian and philanthropist.

A few years later, Robertson bought the property and later built it into a mansion.

The Robertson family eventually moved the home to Scarborough in the late 1920s, when a family member died and the home became a cottage.

It was later sold in the 1960s to the current owner, who donated the house to the City of Scarborough.

The house has been home to the Robertson family for generations, but recently the family is being looking to put it up for sale.

“We’ve been looking at various places for the past several years, but have had no luck,” said Mark Wright, the president of the Robertson estate.

“Our main priority is to preserve this wonderful building, but the main thing is to make it affordable for people to live in and for people in the neighbourhood to live here.”

The house will likely sell for about $300,000.

In a bid to preserve the home’s architectural history, the Robertsons have put in several renovations.

The new home will have a new roof and a more spacious kitchen and bathroom, as well as adding a new bedroom.

The family will also be adding new furnishings and decorating the house, including adding a patio.

The exterior will also receive some renovations, including a new ceiling, and the original stone staircase has been replaced with an aluminum staircase.

The renovation also includes new paint jobs on the walls and ceiling, a new kitchen cabinet and a new bathroom.

The renovations also include new fixtures, including new showerheads and a stainless steel sink, which will replace the old one.

Wright said the family will need to raise money for the renovations.

“I know that the Robertson’s are very passionate about preserving their home, but they don’t want to spend money on renovations,” he said.

“The renovations are going to cost us about $200,000 to complete, but we want to give it a chance to go through the renovations as well.”

While the renovations are being done, the house is expected to be sold by the city, which has not yet decided whether it will be demolished.