What to do if your dog doesn’t like the way you’re decorating the living room

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a white couch, with a white sofa cushion, in the living area of a couple’s home.

As the post went viral, the post was met with a flood of comments, with one commenter claiming that the couch was “a bad look” and “a big no-no.” 

The response was not pretty.

One woman wrote that her dog’s reaction was like, “You shouldnt be decorating a house with a sofa that has a hole through it.”

Another added, “I just want to know why you put a couch with a hole in it in the first place.” 

In response, a reader asked me, “What are your thoughts on putting a sofa cushion in the middle of a house that has an empty couch?” 

I answered, “It is my personal opinion, but I would never put a sofa in the center of a room with no one in it.

If the dog is in the room, they should be in the house. 

When I asked my dog what it was like decorating my living room, she said, “She was a little disappointed when I did the housework.

It was pretty bad.

“If I had the money to buy a sofa for every couch, she wouldnt have bothered, but she did have a bad reaction,” said one commenter. “

She was just surprised when I told her the house was a good idea,” added another commenter. 

“If I had the money to buy a sofa for every couch, she wouldnt have bothered, but she did have a bad reaction,” said one commenter.

“I dont know what you’re supposed to decorate with your dog but I can tell you it wont look great if you put the couch in the corners.

It looks like a big no go.” 

I asked the woman about the comments, and she said she was concerned that her daughter would have a different reaction to decorating her living room than her. 

So what do you do? 

My friend who lives with her told me that she had tried putting a couch in a corner of the living space before, but it didn’t seem to help.

“They didn’t want it in there, but that was because they didn’t know what I was going to decorates the house with,” she said. 

In fact, many of the comments were so negative, that she eventually decided to put a white rug in the corner. 

If you live in an apartment or a townhome with a dog, consider making a big effort to make sure that your dog does not make the same mistake as you did.

“Don’t get too hung up on the couch.

Make sure the couch is in a comfortable position, and that the edges are clear of clutter and debris.

Make it easy for the dog to sit on,” said another commenter, adding, “Make sure you can put the dog on the rug.

If you have a dog that gets bored with furniture, try putting a white pillow in the back of the couch.” 

A friend of mine who lives in a condo with her husband and four kids said that she put a rug in their living room for the first time a few months ago. She said, “My dog loves it, but he cant do it in our living room because it looks like it is too big for him.

I thought it would look nicer if it was a big, dark rug in front of the fireplace.” 

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