Thomasville, NC – Dogs are back on the streets of Thomasville

Thomasville (NC) residents who have been experiencing dog-related traffic problems for months are finally feeling some peace and calm after a new owner bought the home from the local Humane Society.

The dog is named “Sue” and was found abandoned by her owner last week, according to a statement released on the Humane Society’s Facebook page.

The house was sold at auction last month for $5,000, which was about $5 per square foot, the Humane Soc said.

The home is located at a nearby property that was recently purchased by Thomasville City Councilman Brian Johnson, who purchased it from the shelter after the owner was evicted, the statement said.

“We had the home in our minds for a while,” Johnson said.

A previous owner bought it in 2016.

The Humane Society, which specializes in the care and protection of animals, said Sue was found in a “very well-behaved and well-socialized” dog crate, with two large dogs in the front yard.

The shelter also received a report of an injured dog in the home last week.

“The shelter’s mission is to provide the greatest possible safety to our animals, and our efforts to help find a permanent home for these animals were paramount to that,” the statement read.

Johnson, a Democrat who was elected in 2017, said the owner of the home had moved in with the shelter.

“Shelter employees, volunteers, and other community members, along with members of the media, attended the sale to show support for Sue,” Johnson wrote on Facebook.

“I am proud to be a part of this effort.”

Johnson said the home is currently under quarantine to prevent any further damage to the animals.

The animal shelter also said Sue is expected to recover.

Johnson said he plans to keep Sue’s location in the neighborhood.

“It was a hard decision to sell the home to the Humane society, but it was a very difficult decision for Sue and for the shelter as well,” Johnson added.

“She’s an amazing animal and I’ll be keeping her here.”

Johnson and other Thomasville residents said the shelter has been overwhelmed by the number of dogs and cats being rescued.

“People have come out from the door, and they’ve been crying,” said Thomasville resident Jason Henson, who lives next door.

“Every day, I get emails and calls from people asking if they can come in to look at the shelter, and people are coming from all over the state and the country and asking for help.”

Johnson also thanked the community and those who donated to help rescue the animals, who have also been adopted out.

“If you could just be there for these dogs, and if you could be there when they are being brought home, it would be incredible,” Johnson told CNN.